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October 15, 2019
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Business Frequently Asked Questions
What is is the premier Local Internet Directory, Online Yellow Pages and Shopping Web Site in DuPage County. gives both consumers and businesses what they are looking for from the World Wide Web. allows consumers to search over 100,000 local Yellow Page listings and 20,000 local Web Sites for information, and to purchase products and services from those businesses. The consumer can purchase those products and services online from the web site or offline in person. 

If you want to drive it, eat it, wear it, return it, or if it is a service,  you probably want to buy it locally.  But you still want to research and shop online.  All without the clutter of searching the Web using traditional search engines. allows local businesses to be visible to web-savvy consumers in their local trading area, DuPage County.  With a free listing and web page available for businesses in DuPage County, a business can be listed by keywords, products or services so they can assured of being located by those consumers who are most likely to buy from them.  

Why just DuPage County?

80% of consumer spending is still conducted within 20 miles of the home. gives consumers the tools of internet and the yellow pages focused where they buy.  As a business, most likely more than 80% of your consumers are within 20 miles of your business.  So being able to target geographically, those consumers that use the web to research and buy, is important.

Shouldn't I just advertise
in the Yellow Pages?

The yellow pages typically only list businesses once, in the yellow page category where the business has paid to be listed.   Some businesses are not listed at all.  You can be listed in by an unlimited number of categories, products, services or keywords.  Consumers have instant access to your website; brochures, catalogs, and specials.  We will give you a FREE WebPage if you do not have one.

The Yellow Pages are only updated once a year, you can update your listing in ShopDuPage as often as you like. is interactive.  So you can interact with consumers in DuPage County instantly, sending e-mail, information, or conducting e-commerce.  At a much lower cost than your place of business.  24 hours a day 7 days a week.

ShopDuPage is less expensive.  We have three listing options which are FREE!  You can upgrade to a complete advertising, promotional, and e-mail marketing program from there.

Shouldn't I just list my site with the Internet search engines?

You should list your business with the global internet search engines.  If you have tried this, you know how difficult it can be.  Still, the best search engines only index approximately 20% of the pages on the World Wide Web.  Even so, the global search engines can give you too much information.  When a consumer uses the search engines, they typically receive businesses (and other unintended information) located everywhere in the world.  Try this for your business on ShopDuPage and on one of the major search engines.  ShopDuPage is locally focused.  So every business listed is local, where a consumer can go buy an item immediately. 

Sometimes the search engines donít give you enough information.  Again, only about 20% of pages are indexed. We have attempted to obtain EVERY web page of every business in DuPage County.  And if we miss one, or if you would like to add one, you may do so free of charge.  If you are a business in or near DuPage County and donít have a web page yet,  you can build one in the My Free WebPage area of ShopDuPage, FREE of charge.

How will you promote

We advertise to reach businesses and consumers in DuPage.  This includes newspaper advertising, television, online advertising, promotional activities, charitable sponsorships, a shopping spree sweepstakes, and other activities.


How do I register my business?

You should already have a business listing and a link to your web site, if you have one.  You should UPDATE your listing and keyword categories so consumers can find you in as many ways as possible. You can add a FREE WebPage if you do not have one. If you are not listed, you can add a business, see Update My FREE Business Listing.

Why should I register and Update My Business Listing?

If you have a business in DuPage county, you should want consumers in DuPage to find out as much about you in as many ways as possible.

I don't have a WebPage, can I be on ShopDuPage?

Yes, go to My Free WebPage on, and by answering a few questions we will build you a web page.

What if I don't have an WebSite or e-commerce site? can build you one.  Check out our WebSite options.  Or just send an e-mail to

What if I have a product or an idea, I don't even have a company yet, and I want to setup an E-Business?

Through our Center for e-Commerce, ShopDuPage can set you up with a e-commerce site and assist you with your business setup as well, including Incorporation, Office setup, Phone, Mail and Shipping. Send us an e-mail at, if you are interested.

an I sell things on Is it an e-commerce site?

Yes, if a merchant has the capability, you can go directly to their catalog or e-commerce site and purchase items on-line.

What are ShopAlerts?

When a consumer registers with they can indicate a ShopAlert area of interest; like autos, sports, restaurants, etc.  When they are searching business listings they can indicate they want a business added to their ShopAlerts.  Then, when a business has a special, coupon, sale, seminar or other item of interest , it can send a ShopAlert to those consumers who wish to be notified.

How do I submit a ShopAlert special offer?   

See Advertise on ShopDuPage or send an e-mail to

What else can I expect from

We will continue to improve ShopDuPage every day based on your input and the input of consumers.  We want to continue to be the number one site for online consumers in DuPage County.  Please submit your suggestions to

Some things you will see in the future include Product Catalogs, Auctions, Classifieds, Comparison Shopping, and Wireless Access from mobile devices like your Palm Pilot or Cell Phone!

Does accept advertising?

Yes, we accept ads to offset the cost of our web site and directory publication.  For advertising and rate information please see Advertise on ShopDupage in or send an email message to

Do you only list stores that pay you?

We have attempted to list EVERY business in DuPage County that has a Yellow Page listing or a Web Site. If you know of a business that is not listed please e-mail us at  If you would like to promote your business on ShopDuPage, click on Advertise on ShopDuPage or send an e-mail to

How do I get answers to any other questions?

Just send an e-mail message to



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