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October 15, 2019
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Benefits is DuPage County's premier Local Internet Directory, Online Yellow Pages and Shopping Site. offers the best of all ad mediums; rich content like television, low-cost, detailed information like print, and targeted like direct mail.  Plus the added benefit of interactivity.  Advertising to online consumers on offers the following benefits:
  • Demographics & Trends.
    DuPage County tops the nation in income, retail spending, home ownership, education and most of all, online users. There are an estimated 500,000 online users in DuPage county. This number will continue to grow as will the number of users/places/devices with access to the Internet. Let's help the online DuPage consumer spend their income here in DuPage.
  • Targeted geography.
    Consumers who live and work in DuPage county. 80% of consumer spending is done within 20 miles of home. 
    As a business, most likely more than 80% of your consumers are within 20 miles of your business. 
  • Visibility.
    Promote your business to web-savvy DuPage residents, who are researching products and services online and ready to buy.  Don't be invisible to them. 

  • Advertising.
    ShopDuPage is heavily promoted online and in offline media so you will benefit from the traffic. We advertise to reach businesses and consumers in DuPage.  This includes newspaper advertising, television, online advertising, promotional activities, charitable sponsorships, shopping spree sweepstakes, and other activities.
  • Helps Drive Local Business.
    Drive business to your DuPage county business web site and/or your place of business.  Maintain a progressive image for your business, don't be "dot-commed" or "Amazon-ed".
  • Multiple Categories.
    Businesses can be listed by multiple categories, products, services or keywords. Consumers can find you more ways on than any other online directory or search engine.
  • Information.
    ShopDuPage provides yellow page business listing information plus maps, hours, specials, web pages, graphics, brochures, video, audio, e-mail. With ShopAlerts, notify interested consumers about your business.
  • Interactive.
    Your business can send information to or receive information from consumers.  A convenient way for consumers to do business with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows you to inform and pre-sell a consumer about your product or service.
  • Measured Response.
    Every time and ad is served or a user "clicks thru", it is measured.  ShopDuPage allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of various promotional and advertising activities.  No other medium can offer this level of measurement.
  • Low Customer Acquisition Costs.
    Three FREE ways to advertise on  See Advertising Options below for more enhanced ways to advertise your business and communicate with consumers in DuPage.  
  • Business Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)
    Please take few moments and familiarize yourself with our Business Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)

Advertising Options

We have created a series of enhanced ways to advertise, promote, and communicate with consumers in DuPage.  Please e-mail us at to begin.

  • Free Business Listing
    Your Free ShopDuPage Business Listing includes Yellow Page style listing, name, address, phone, plus maps and driving directions.
  • Free WebPage
    Your Free WebPage includes Business Listing information plus text descriptions of your business, logo, hours, specials, any other supplied information used to generate your WebPage including graphics, e-mail address, and consumer ShopAlert registration.
  • Free Link to your WebSite
    Included with your Free WebPage.
  • Enhanced Listing
    All the above, plus the ability to enhance your Business Listing on the Keyword/Category Search Results page using,

                   Bold Red Type

                   Colored Background

                   Tag Line, Motto or Description in Listing

                   Direct Link to WebSite

                   Guaranteed Top 10 position in search results.

    Includes a ShopDuPage Web Stats report on business and categories.

  • Banner Ads offers two standard sizes and one custom size banner ads:

610 X 50 pixels at the top of a page,

120 X 45 pixels in right-hand column,

120 X 120 pixels in right-hand column,

A ShopDuPage exclusive, a banner button with text like our left-hand column. More "content" than "ad". Approx 220 X 125 pixels.

We also offer several placement options for ads:

Search Page - banner displayed on Search/Home page.

Run of Site - banner displayed randomly throughout site.

Search Results/Category/Keyword Targeting - banner displays when user searches on your keyword or categories, your ad will display with results. The most powerful banner of all.  You are displaying a banner to a consumer who has indicated an interest in your Keyword or Business and is in your geographic trading area.

Banner Ad campaign includes a ShopDuPage Web Stats report on business and categories.

  • No Banner Ad?
    We'll develop one for you - just contact us about our modest pricing.
  • Don't like Banner Ads?
    We can develop a custom promotional campaign, with unique content, usually placed in our either our left-hand column on most pages or in the top center of the page on many pages.
  • E-mail marketing with ShopAlerts
    A unique marketing capability, e-mail marketing allows you to send targeted messages to registered users of who have indicated an interest in your business or category of business with a ShopAlert. Combined with a Keyword banner ad, you are targeting a customer. ShopAlert campaigns include a ShopDuPage Web Stats report on business and categories.

  • Sponsorships
    Sponsorships like Weather, Movie Listings, Special Searches, Holiday or Special Content, allow you to target specific consumers and enhance the image of your business.

Web Sites and E-commerce Sites

If you do not have a Web Site or E-commerce site, and would like more than the FREE WebPage provided on, please click here to see more options.



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